Tempo Battle Robe

By including tempo movements in your exercise routine, you’ll be able to:
✓ fix your positional
✓ technique weaknesses

Tempo training really breaks down the mechanics of the movement and makes sure that you can lift the weight you’re lifting with complete control and correct form.

Slowing down the movement and maintain control throughout the entire time will help for more consistent and well-executed lifts, while simultaneously encouraging better hypertrophy and strength gains.


Optimizing your tempo leads to an increase in the amount of working muscle under tension, know as time under tension (TUT).

The more stress you put your muscles under, the more your muscles will be able to grow. You’ll be doing more than if you were just doing straight squats or deadlifts because the longer time under tension will mean that your body has to recruit more muscle fibers.


When you’re slowing your movements down, you’ll be forced to lower the weight that you’d typically lift without the tempo counts.

With this increased ability to perform more reps, tempo training can help to develop your work capacity by adding much more volume to your workouts.


Tempo training is a great way to mix up your training and add variety.

While it’s important to focus on the lifts that you want to work on, such as the squat or bench, consistently working on them, including tempo training to your workout regime can give you a breath of fresh air while still focusing on improving the main lifts that you love to do. It can really make a difference in how much you enjoy your training as well as improvements in your strength and form because it’s something new that your body will have to adapt to.


As you improve your quality of movement with tempo training, your risk of injury will reduce.

You’ll be lifting with better control, a better understanding of the mechanics of the exercise, and with better technique. The slower movements will force you to really look at the weight you can lift without compromising on form and by utilizing the proper muscles, which will help you in the long run. All in all, you’ll be lifting safely while still making great progress.

Everyone should include tempo training in their workout routine at some point in their fitness journey. Even for movements like the squat or deadlift that require explosiveness and power, slowing down exercises with tempo can really promote a better, more seamless lift in the long run.