Food Measurement

Rigid dieters are individuals who have a predisposition to constantly control their overall food intake.

This is a recipe for disaster when it comes to long-term weight loss and most importantly the maintenance of their new targeted body weight.

They never relax, they never themselves to eat flexibly. This type of eater WILL achieve superior short-term goal results. The keyword is SHORT-TERM.

You see, all diets work. The concept of calorie restriction is nothing new. Calories in vs out. Everyone knows this. The problem is adherence. The problem is, if for some reason they happen to go off their diet, they go completely OFF.

Why is rigid eating a problem? Let’s say if you’ve been dieting perfectly for 6 days. And you suddenly give in and eat a cookie.

Hell, you’ll go insane and decide the diet is completely broken and you’ll cave in and eat a whole bag of cookies. Why not just stop at 1 cookie, or maybe 2. One cookie is around 150 calories. So? In the grand scheme of things, 150 – 300 extra calories won’t matter. It is the long haul that does.


Rigid dieting is prone to guilt. Guilt destroys you when you keep applying a concept of morality to a basic act of living, which is eating. Life is a balance between eating to live and living to eat. If grandma wants you to have a slice of cake on her birthday, have that damn

You can always catch up on a diet. You can never catch up on lost time with loved ones.