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Personal Training


If you want to achieve life changing results you need
to train with the best personal trainers in Malaysia

As soon as you step inside KFitness you will feel immediately transported and part of the very special Kfitness family where your life changing journey will begin.

Kfitness is not like going to any other gym. It is a highly motivating and inspiring environment focused only on you.

It is a place where we laugh and have fun but also challenge and push our clients to new levels every time.

It is also a place where results are not just empty promises…they are a 100% commitment from our side and you will have the backing of the whole team 24/7 to achieve this.

But we also know our clients have busy and hectic lives and we have to integrate into this with simple, personalised and effective training and nutritional programmes for them.

Our team have over 20 years of experience across personal training, nutrition and sports therapy and our 2 year track record of delivering for our clients is a result of the teams passion and dedication to delivering award winning results time and again.


Shizu, 28 years old

Coach Andrew,

Thank you for your persistent motivation and all the knowledge you provided through out my fitness journey.
With this i have reach a healthier lifestyle and a tremendous physique with the coaching you provided.I believe you are the RARE ones among the many, that will provide the real RESULTS in a physique and mental toughness that many wont do!! Salute to you coz you are the BEST COACH ever i had???..Keep up the IMPACT???

Mei Xin, 28

“ I want abs ” has been my target for many years, I tried different methods and find those workout video online but it never works on me. It’s really disappointing and upset until I met coach Julian. He taught me hows our muscle growth, what’s the proper food nutrition, and definitely the correct way of using gym facilities. It really brings a lot of motivation and inspiration for me. Coach Julian is really helpful yet responsible for his client, he customizes the program individually instead of providing a general plan for everyone. I truly appreciate a coach like him!!

Miki, 28

Throughout the 8 months classes with Coach Julian, the biggest changes is my understanding toward weight loss. Previously, i thought that the easiest and fastest way to lose weight is just eating less or using diet pills. Now, i know the correct way is to eat healthy, create calories deficit and maintain regular exercise. Coach Julian not only taught me those nutrition value for food but also providing me some simple recipes yet follow up with my progress every week. Thanks to coach Julian , he really help me to build a healthy lifestyle !!


Julian Tan

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Ivan Tiong

“Your health is an investment, not an expense” Ivan, is a hardworking and determined coach. The old expression that actions speak louder than words is very true when it comes … Continue reading Ivan Tiong

Tammy Leong

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