The idea of being satiated by hunger is commonly misunderstood, as for the Asian community being hungry is a sign of poor financial status, therefore eating the right amount base on the nutritional guideline is not something that the Asian culture will follow. But for our own beneficial physical and mental health, we must consider eating to be satisfied rather than eating until unnecessary full.

To improve this traditional ideology, is to know the difference between starving, craving, satisfied, and full. Most people mistake the difference between starving and hungry, where one is suffering from hunger that is affecting the body that its no longer able to function as normal. as craving is just something that is in the mind that what that person wants to put into their stomach.

Being satisfied and full is completely opposite to another, as being satisfied is feeling just the right amount to function and energize to go about the day without feeling exhausted. Where being full is when a person could not take another bite and feels uncomfortable, usually happen during events such as family dinners, weddings, or holiday celebrations.

Once this ideology is to equip with this knowledge, limitation of the food that is consumed will be taken place bring each individual their own daily calorie intake to a deficit.