I have a message for y’all. During this period of MCO, I can see morale breaking down among some of you out there.

Don’t let yourselves fall into depressive binge eating. Right now YOU need to take care of yourselves.

Think about this, even if you’re not a fitness enthusiast and you don’t care about your appearance, letting yourself get overweight will lead to health complications in a matter of time. You will spend precious resources on health care.

When MCO is over, you will also spend precious cash on new clothes, especially pants, to accommodate your increased weight circumference due to increased weight gain.

It is about CICO during this period. Calories in vs calories out. Eat less than is needed compared to what you normally consume. Find a way to increase your activity levels. Be creative. But most of all, eat less because you cannot out-train a bad diet.

Taking care of YOURSELF means being able to live longer to take care of others who depend on you. This is more critical during this juncture. You must remain healthy for others.

Again I say, fall back on the very basic routines which you have always practiced. Fall back on routine borne of discipline, which created consistency and repetition. There is power in this.

It is something you still can CONTROL despite the feelings of helplessness that threaten to overwhelm you.

You like big meals, sure, why not practice intermittent fasting now? Or OMAD? 2 big meals a day WITHIN your caloric requirement. Please note.

COVID is the enemy without. Do not create an enemy within you. This is the last thing you need when you are already fighting a battle.

This is a storm with zero visibility created by yourself doubt and despair. You have a compass. Keep moving in that direction and trust your faith in yourself to see it through.