Deloads. How do you know you need one? I covered this in a post quite long ago but it’s fine to recap.

Physical: Decrease in performance, eg. Grip strength, explosive power, eg. Vertical jump

Decreased rate of force production, decreased endurance.

The recovery rate gets more and more compromised between workouts.

Niggling joint pains become more severe and aggravating in most cases.

Mental: Feels like you’re dragging your ass to the gym even though you’ve slept sufficiently and optimized your nutrition.

Since I was bitching in my stories about overreaching, a follower asked if there was a difference between overreaching and overtraining.

Overreaching is a temporary state.

Overtraining is a chronic state.

Overreaching: A state which occurs in response to heavy or intense loads. Keyword, TEMPORARY.

Overtraining: Extreme fatigue state. Caused by repeated prolonged high intensity, high volume training sessions. Keyword, CHRONIC.

That being said, TOO MANY of you like to use the word overtraining too much. You’re most likely UNDER RECOVERING because you’re probably eating way too little because you want to get/stay shredded or not getting sufficient rest/sleep.