Muscle Training

The term of it is just progressive overloading in training a particular muscle to grow in strength and size it. Each muscle in a human body has its own particular sets of movements to have its own activation, to either concentric, eccentric, or isometric movements. Those are the fundamental basics of having hypertrophy training.

The common misunderstanding is that strength training should be the one having muscle gain however, a new area of research shows that the most optimal muscle growth is to put an immense amount of intensity towards a small set of particular muscles that is been targeted. In other words, hypertrophy training is much better at optimizing muscle growth than strength training.

To train with hypertrophy, one must select a set of muscle groups to train to have the full optimizing effect of the training session. For instance, a push day commonly knows to be either chest and shoulders or chest and triceps as their particular daily session. So one must train with 3 of any kind of chest exercise Example (Upper, Lower, and Fly) is more than enough to help with muscle activation, going with 3 – 5 sets for 10 – 15 reps is the basic level for most beginners. In addition, the tempo of the reps also matters during the sets as recommended to have 35 – 40 seconds between reps to have optimized muscle tension. By doing so will sufficient amount of tissue damage to the muscle, allowing protein components to recover the damaged tissue with stronger tissue and growth.

To simplify the term hypertrophy training, training session as suggested 1 -2 times a week is more than enough for most people who are looking for mainly muscle growth itself without the risk of having bone or joint injury. It’s much safer for those who are looking to stay active with healthy muscle growth at the same time.