Albert Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”

A lot of people seem to dabble in “insane” decision-making on a regular basis, especially when it comes to weight loss & fitness…

They’ll follow the same unsustainable crash diet for the 27th time and expect different results.

They’ll eliminate foods they love short-term without thinking about the long-term consequences.

They’ll continuously rely on the scale to analyze their progress when they know damn well there are other progress markers — like measurements, progress pics, and clothes-fit — that matter more.

Does any of that sound like you?

If so, I’ve got a challenge for you.

Try these 5 Anti-Stressed-Diet Hacks:

  1. Stop restricting yourself from foods you love. Start adding foods that improve your health.
  2. Stop tracking because you’ve been bad. Start tracking because you care.
  3. Stop working out as a form of punishment. Start working out because you love your body.
  4. Stop focusing on how quickly things are changing. Start focusing on your daily habits that’ll lead to change.
  5. Stop dieting. Stop punishing yourself.

There’s a wise saying. Exercise is not a punishment of what you eat but a celebration of you’re your body can do.

Start living a healthier life b/c you love the way it makes you look & feel, and let weight loss be the after-effect of all the awesome changes you’re making.

You’ll still have to plan your meals and workouts each week. You’ll still be watching what you eat.

But your mindset will be totally different, and when it comes to making fitness a lifestyle, mindset is all that matters.